Pastor's Desk

“Jesus: Our Bridge to the Father.”

5th Sunday of Easter – A

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

In coming into the world to fulfill the Father’s plan, Jesus’s mission was to become for us, wayward sinners; the way to the Father, the truth of the Father and the life the Father promised us through His Son Jesus. Jesus knew that we would stray from the fold, and he would need to be our Shepherd to show us the way. Jesus knew that we would abuse the gift of Free Will given to us and listen to all those voices in the world competing for our attention. Jesus knew he would need to be the truth to set us back on the right path. Jesus knew that the only way we could reach the Father and enjoy Eternal Life was if he suffered, died, and rose to life again. This is how Jesus became the Way, the Truth and Life for us.

The period just after the Resurrection of Jesus was a very trying time for his followers and disciples. They lived in fear of today and were uncertain about tomorrow. In his anticipation of his Ascension, he wanted to share with his disciples that he was going ahead of them to prepare a place for them. After 3 years of being with Jesus, seeing his miracles, watching him interact with thousands of people, hearing him tell his stories and parables and witnessing the resurrection, Phillip still did not understand.

            We are not too different from Phillip. We have known Jesus in the breaking of bread with our brothers and sisters as we gather for Mass. We have watched Jesus turn peoples lives around that may have been addicted to substances harmful to them, we felt his presence in our own lives when things were not going well for us. And now, as we find ourselves facing new leadership in our parishes, and I wonder what retirement will be like, we may feel some anticipation as well as wonder what tomorrow will bring.

But my sisters and brothers, Jesus invites us to “not to let our hearts be troubled.”  Jesus invites us to have faith in him as we have faith in his Father.”  Jesus assures us, to trust him and believe in him.

 Jesus wants us to come to him, to trust in him, to follow him. Jesus wants to be, for us, “the way, the truth and the life.”  No matter how rough the waters, no matter how many times we fall or tune out the Lord’s voice for all the other competing voices, He is our way.

            Whether we are unemployed, experiencing any type of illness, are caregiving for a loved one, experiencing financial problems or just feeling alone and adrift during this time of transition. If we say we believe in Him, then we must believe in the Father who sent him. And if we believe in the Father, and the Son that he sent us, and in the Holy Spirit given to us to be our advocate and guide, then do you know what, everything will work out fine. We will have the new life the Father promised through Jesus. Let us tune out those false voices and tune in to the one that is our bridge to the Father. Let us remain hopeful of a new life in Christ, and a peace and consolation that only He can give.

            God bless you and all who live in simplicity of heart.