Father Terry’s Sermons

  • “Discipleship Equals Divisiveness!”
    20th Sunday in Ordinary Time – C             Counter-culture behavior and its effects on relationships are nothing new to us.  We remember the sixties and the “hippie” subculture.  Their clothes, music, body and object painting, anti-war demonstrations, and alternative lifestyle disrupted families and polarized cities and […]
  • “Here I Come, Ready or Not!”
    19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – C One day in 1870, the State of Connecticut was enveloped by a mysterious darkness. The same thought came to all: the Last Day had arrived. In the House of Representatives members were heard asking for an adjournment so that […]
  • “What in Life is Weighing You Down?”
    18th Sunday in Ordinary Time – C Today’s readings offer the grace of a powerful re-alignment of our lives – not focused on “what is on earth,” but on our life which is “hidden with Christ in God.” Jesus finds himself facing an all-too-common family dispute: […]
  • 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – C
    “Martha & Mary: A Story of Worth”           I never liked this story because it didn’t seem just to me.  However, Jesus is not condemning good deeds to praise contemplation.  He has just finished telling last week’s story of the Good Samaritan’s good deeds, at the […]
  • “The Way of Love and Compassion”
    15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – C      We have heard of the phrase “the road less travelled.” It is part of a longer sentence that reads: “Two roads diverged into the woods, and I – I took the one less travelled. And that has made […]